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What to do when Roku is not connected to the Internet

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How to Fix if Roku is not connected to the Internet

We got the new Roku all connected. By removing this, we started the setup process. Roku easily identified the Wi-Fi connected to it, and when we entered the password, he was able to connect himself to the local network As we have seen, when it tried to connect to the Internet, the process failed. Red light! I have set up Roku in different houses. I’ve never encountered this problem before. I suspected that my friend’s router was denying any Roku is not connected to the Internet.

Roku not working

Before troubleshooting, I want to make sure whether or not Cox has installed the router or its service, thus preventing the use of the streaming player. So we call it Cox. So we called Cox. After about 45 minutes with the rep, who was nice by the way, the Roku was still FUBAR. However, this became the root cause of the problem just after hanging out with Cox if you face Roku is not connected to the Internet issue.

roku not connecting issue

Make sure that your router’s DNS settings are set correctly to the external IP address. If your display shows

you a DNS1 or DNS2 internal IP such as 192.168.1.x, then your Roku will not connect to the Internet.

  1. Here is the detailed fix:

  2. Login to your router. (typically this is done through an internal IP address like You enter this IP address directly into your web browser the same as you would a website. Note that people actually enter web addresses into Google and then navigate that way as well. This won’t work. Enter the IP address directly into the browser’s Location or the Navigation bar at the top. This will take you to your router’s login screen. *NOTE sometimes the router’s default password is “password”.But it is also possible that your password has been changed during installation. If you do not have your router’s password, you should contact your Internet provider for this.
  3. Login to the router, go to its DNS settings. I guess that if your Roku isn’t working, it’s because rather than an external IP address being used for your DNS, the router is set to use an internal IP address. (Your computer can overcome this because it has built-in DNS settings, but the Roku looks to the router for this information.)
  4. Change public DNS to internal DNS address. What worked for us was using Google’s public DNS. And set DNS1 to and DNS2 to So that no problem.
  5. Save your settings.

roku internet issue

6. Run the Roku setup again. If you still cannot connect to the Internet, then unplug the router. Unplug it for 15 seconds. Then supply it back to the power supply. Try again with the Roku. If that doesn’t work, bounce the Roku. Leave it unplugged for 15 seconds, and plug the power back. 

7. If you set DNS properly, your Roku should now be connected to the Internet.

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