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What to Do if Amazon prime not working on Roku || NY

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If Amazon prime not working on Roku

As we all know, Amazon Prime is one of our most popular streaming services. Amazon prime not working on Roku has over 200+ users so far, which are mainly international and regional.

You must know that with Amazon Prime, you also enjoy Amazon Music for free, that is, two things for the price of one. Roku, being one of them, if not the successful streaming devices of all time will let you stream Amazon Prime as well.

You will be worried that your Amazon Prime, there are some common reasons like the process of downloading and installing Amazon Prime and we will help you to easily troubleshoot any errors.

Amazon prime not working on roku 2019

How to install Amazon Prime on Roku?

Installing Amazon Prime on Roku is probably a few-minute work. All you have to do is search for Amazon Prime, download and install the channel, and then activate it. For this, both the Roku account and Amazon Prime account are required. If you have both, start following the steps below. If not, please make sure to open its account first and then start with these steps given. When opening an Amazon account Amazon prime not working on Roku, please pay careful attention to login credentials. You should know that one of the main reasons for Amazon Prime not able to connect in most cases is because they are entering the wrong credentials.

  1. To search for Amazon Prime,
  2. Go to the Roku channel store and click on the Roku search bar.
  3. Search the channel by entering the correct keywords. It may also contain keywords, Amazon Prime, or any series or program streamed on Amazon Prime.
  4. After you enter the keyword, hit enter.
  5. Roku will now search all the recorded channels and come up with search results.
  6. Search Amazon Prime, and click on it.
  7. Click on the given button to download and install the channel.

It will also take time to update the software. Many of the errors are Roku’s Amazon Prime errors, as these applications are not properly installed on Roku. Therefore, do not turn off your device during downloading.

Activating Amazon Prime

  1. When the channel is downloaded and installed, go to the channel list, and click on Amazon Prime.
  2. When you open the channel, you see that you have an activation code popped up on the TV screen.
  3.  Note this code and enter it on a window.
  4.  After you enter the same, you will have to log in to your Amazon account.
  5.  Maybe this could also be a reason that your Roku Amazon Prime is not working

tcl roku tv amazon prime app not working

My Roku Amazon Prime app is not working!

Troubleshooting this problem always starts with logging out and logging first, as we mentioned. To test, please connect your Roku with the help of some other internet connection, and check if your Amazon Prime is working properly. If it is working, then you can get rid of this problem by working on your internet connection.

Another troubleshoot is to reinstall the application. You can remove the application from your channel list, and reinstall the channel from the Roku channel store.
If you still face issues on your Roku Amazon Prime and is still not working, visit Go.

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