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Roku Error Code 013 support | 24*7 helpline |

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Last updated on February 20, 2020

What is Roku Error Code 013?

Roku Error 013 : The main reason for the Roku error code 013 to occur is the Ethernet-related error in particular. When this error is displayed, mainly you need to check whether your router is working correctly. If not, restart your Roku device and if you are unable to connect to the Internet from any other device then you disconnect and reconnect the Ethernet cable.

Roku error code-013

To Fix Roku Error Code 013, Try These Fixes-

  1. 1. If you have incorrectly selected the name of the wireless network for the connection, you will fail the wireless network connection.If you have no idea that your Roku is connected to the correct network then check these steps –

    a. Check your computer or mobile device is connected to which network.

    b. If the wireless network name does not appear in the list of available networks, then “You select your network” then go to the screen and “Scan it again to see all networks”.

    c. If you do not remember the name of your wireless network then move to the support site of ISP and you will get appropriate information.

    Roku error code 013 support

    2. If it is still not working after entering your wireless password, re-enter it. Generally, the wireless network password is case-sensitive. If you don’t know the correct password then go to the support site of your Internet Service Provider. Here you will find the method to recover the password. Also, don’t forget to check the bottom of your router as you may find a password there.

    Roku error code 013 support number

    3. If the wireless network name and password are correct and still your Roku device is not connecting to the local network then it might be possible that the problem is related to the strength of the wireless signal. Therefore, first, check the position of your stop and router to ensure that the distance between them should be reduced and it should be free from other interference sources.

    4. Restart your Roku and router because sometimes technical issues are also solved by a restart. To restart Roku, navigate to Settings> System> System Restart. After that, unplug the Roku device from the power source and plug it back after waiting a few minutes.

    Roku error code 013 support phone number

    Roku Error Code Support Service –
    If you are unable to restart the router even after the given information, then check the instructions from your ISP. Because in some case you can plug it in and unplug and restart. Or, restart your router by pressing the reset button.

    Roku error code 013 support

    Contact Roku Technical Support ||

    After following the above steps, you will not have to face . However, if this error still persists, call our Roku customer support service immediately and get help from Roku experts. Who are ready to assist you in all the complex situations that are preventing you from enjoying your Roku services. Not only this, if you have any problem related to Roku then you can ask here.

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