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How to fix Roku Error Code-012 | USA/Canada

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Last updated on February 20, 2020

Know Here How to fix Roku Error Code-012:

Roku Error Code-012 is basically an Ethernet related error. This error mainly occurs in the Roku device. Ethernet is a traditional technique of connecting wired local area networks (LAN’s), enabling devices to communicate with each other through protocols-

Roku error code 012

Whenever a connection related problem occurs in the Roku streaming device, it generates error code 012.

How to remove Roku 012 probability code?

To remove the Roku error code 012, you must first verify that your Ethernet cable is securely connected to both your Roku device and your router correctly. You can test this with another Ethernet cable if possible. If the cable is good, restart your Roku device and router.

Restarting your Roku device and router

Roku error code 012 After checking the second cable correctly, you must restart Roku and the router. For that follow the steps given below:

To restart the Roku device, go to Settings> System> System Restart, and to restart Roku TV, go to Settings> System> Power> System Restart, then unplug the Roku device from the power source, now some Wait a moment, and then connect it again.

To restart the router, refer to your ISP instruction. Sometimes, you can simply unplug it and plug it back in, in other cases, you may need to press the reset button on the device. Both of these devices will take some time to fully restart.

If you connected the Roku device with your router a long time ago, it should reconnect automatically. If it is failing to connect or you are setting up a Roku device for the first time then complete the entire process of network setup.
Roku error code 012 support
Roku error code 012 support

Having trouble with Ethernet cable while resolving Roku error code 012?

This error occurs in the event that your Ethernet cable is not working, one of the reasons for the occurrence of Stop error code 012 is that if you use Roku with Ethernet cable and it is streaming If experiencing problems with the content, first reset the device and the Ethernet connection.

1. Turn on your TV and your Roku player.

2. Navigate the Roku error code 012 to the home screen of your Roku box and press the arrow button of the Roku remote to activate the menu bar. If there is a malfunction in Roku and you will not be able to get to the home screen, then hold down the reset button on the back of your box. This will reset your device.

3. You use the arrow buttons on the remote to navigate to the Settings tab that appears on the TV screen.

4. After viewing the reset range option, press the OK button on your remote.
5. Select the “factory reset” option on the remote again and press “OK”.

6. When prompted to confirm your decision, select “Yes” and press the “OK” button. The Roku device resets all of your settings, including the configuration of the Ethernet connection.

Roku error code 012 support number

Hope we have given you ideas to remove Roku error 012, it will help you. If you are still in trouble with this problem, then talk to our Roku Technicians, they will fully help you. Dial our toll-free number . And feel happy !

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