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Roku stopped connecting to Wi-Fi | Resolve with us

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Last updated on February 20, 2020

Are You worry about Your Roku stopped connecting to Wi-Fi  Resolve your issue with us.

We got connected to the new Roku TV and router. We removed it and started the Roku setup process again. Roku recognized his already connected Wi-Fi, and once we entered the password, he was able to connect to his local network, if Roku stopped connecting to Wi-Fi Read this blog.

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However, when Roku tried to connect to the Internet so this process failed. Red light! I have established Roku in a few different houses. But I have never faced this problem before. My immediate suspicion was that my neighbors’ router was somehow denying Roku stopped connecting to Wi-Fi.

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Before full-troubleshooting, I would like to make sure that Cox did not set up the router in a way that might prevent the use of the streaming player. So we called Cox. After about 45 minutes with the rep, which was good, Roku was still Foobar. However, right after hanging out with Cox I turned to the root cause of this problem maybe it helps to Roku stopped connecting to Wi-Fi.

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Look here for detailed information:

  1. First login to the router. (For this one can use internal IP address like You enter this IP address in a web browser, such as a website. ** Note that some people actually enter web addresses into Google, and then navigate it that way. But do not enter the IP address directly in the browser’s location or the navigation bar at the top.

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From here you can go to the login screen of the router.* Sometimes the router’s default password is “password”. But it is also possible that your password has changed during this installation. If you do not have your router’s password, contact your internet provider or our technicians.

Roku toll-free support number

2. After logging into your router, you go to its DNS settings. I think if your Roku is not working, it is set to use a router internal IP address, rather than the external IP address you are using for your DNS. (Your computer is able to overcome this because it has built-in DNS settings, but Roku only looks at the router for this information.)

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3. Replace the internal Duns address with the DNS address. The thing that worked for us was using Google’s public DNS. Therefore set DNS1 to and DNS2 to

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4.Go to your settings.

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5. Run the Roku setup again. If you still cannot connect to the internet, then unplug your router for 15 seconds. Then connect it back and try to connect with Roku again. If it doesn’t work, bounce Roku stopped connecting to Wi-Fi.

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6. If you set the DNS correctly, your Roku should now be connected to the Internet. When this happens, its installation process will be complete and you should be good to go. 


After following the steps given above, if you are having problems, then you can seek help from our technicians. They will help you to get rid of all the problems related to Roku, so do not think too much, Dial the Roku support number toll-free

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