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Fix Roku HDCP Error | With Our Expert Technicians

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Last updated on February 20, 2020

What is HDCP?

Fix Roku Hdcp Error : HDCP is a very common error of Roku, HDCP called (high-bandwidth digital content protection), a kind of copy and content protection standard. It is used by Television and film industry.

The main motive behind HDCP is standard to prevent making pirated copies of any movie. If someone violates copyright law by pirated the film or publishes the work of an author without permission, with HDCP we can stop it, it can be used to eliminate the problem of piracy is one of the latest copy protection techniques. So that the reason the film industries do not have to suffer any loss.

roku error code 020

HDCP Error is mainly used to make HDMI connections. These connections are made for many devices like Roku players, Blu-ray players, and cable boxes, etc. This is mainly used in the Roku player.

The latest versions of HDCP error are available in the market. If you want to stream 4K or 4K HDR content, you can do it easily. The latest copy protection technique is 2.2.

 Roku error code 020 support number

If you want to play 4k content on TV then this version is a must for you.

Roku HDCP Error code support number || Fix Roku Hdcp Error
Did you know what is Roku HDCP error Code 020 and how to fix it?

Roku error code 020 support phone number

If you are connecting your Roku device to the LED, you will need a cable to stabilize the connection, so you must have an HDMI cable. If your Roku device does not support HDMI copy and content protection technology, you will encounter an error called Roku HDCP Error code 020. In error code 020 you are seeing that your screen has turned purple. This can cause problems for many reasons, such as a bad HDMI cable or connector.

hdcp error code support number

Roku HDCP error Code Support Number Toll-free
Instructions to fix Roku HDCP error code 020

Follow these steps mentioned below: Fix Roku Hdcp Error

If you are trying to stream 4K, and your screen looks purple, then you can contact technical support to help you set up your Roku for 4K streaming.
Or if you are getting Roku error code 020, or purple screen, then you can follow some steps.
Unplug the HDMI wire from both ends. That means unplug your TV as well as Roku player, that is, complete the end of the entire connection between the two devices,
After doing this, you need to turn off your TV and stop.
After doing this, wait for 10 seconds, then connect both ends of the HDMI cable, one to the Roku device and the other to the TV.

HDCP Error Support Number

When both of them are on, connect both devices to the power outlet and switch them, and then press the power button on your remote.
Now, by playing the video, check whether this error is resolved or not.

HDCP Error Code

If you are still facing HDCP Error, then you need to get help from our Roku technicians, who will able to help you in solving your problem. Our technicians are up to 24 * 7 government holidays and seven days a week Help is available anytime. For technical assistance, dial our toll-free number Roku Support Number USA / Canada we are always available to help you.

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