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Easily Resolve “Roku Error Code 014” Problems

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Last updated on February 20, 2020

Some Easy ways to solve Roku error code 014?

Frankly speaking, the Roku streaming device is really a great media player that comes with a hassle-free setup process. This doesn’t create any hassle but sometimes it can show some error codes at the time of using this streaming device.

If you are trying to set it up at your home then sometimes you can struggle especially in connecting or installing it with the Wi-Fi network. Roku Error Code 014 comes as the most common error which can be faced by every another person. That’s why Roku Customer Support Phone Number is established to those who are dealing with some of the technical glitches related to Roku Streaming device. Know how to fix Roku Error Code 014 which are stated below:

Solve Roku Error Code 014: Solution #1

  • You will connect your Roku streaming device to your cable modem or to your router which is using an Ethernet Cable.
  • Then, you will complete the setup for an Ethernet connection, especially in the Roku settings.
  • When Ethernet connection will active then you will go back to the internet settings on your Roku device and you will choose the wireless connection option.
  • You will choose your network after choosing the wireless option.
  • Then, you will enter your password and you will be able to connect to your wireless network.

Roku Error Code 014: Solution #2

For resolving this Roku Error Code 014, you will try to update your software which will be your Solution #2 or connect at the Roku Error Tech Support Phone Number which is available 24*7. If you aren’t able to find “Disable network pings” on that particular menu then it happens because your Roku box requires a type of software update then you need to do some of the given advises:


You will try to connect it to another network: for doing this, you will connect your Roku device with the Wi-Fi network. This will be your smartphone or tablet’s cellular hotspot. Some of the instances like consider the cost of data or you can connect the Roku physically to your Roku router which is using an Ethernet cable.

You can try to run a software update: Once you connect then you will need to press the following buttons for unlocking the “Secret Screen”.

You can disable network pings or connect to your Wi-Fi network in an easy manner.

If you are still facing this problem, don’t be hesitate; you will contact  Roku Error experts to get immediate solutions related to your problems.

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